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Telephone Connections in India Jump by 44 Lakh, 12 Lakh of Them From Jammu and Kashmir

India recorded an increase of 43.9 lakh telephone connections in January 2020, according to the latest “Monthly Telecom Scenario” report by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The report stated that India needed a total of 117.58 crore phone connections at the end of January. This reflects a rise in the previous figure of 117.14 crore phone connections at the end of December 2019. This rise attributed to Jammu and Kashmir by the DoT.

Telephone Connections in Jammu and Kashmir

According to the data, Jammu and Kashmir listed a huge increase of over 12 lakh connections in the union territory in only 1 month. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh (East) followed it by adding nearly 7.6 lakh and 6.3 lakh connections respectively. There were limitations placed on telecom connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir in August later Article 370 almost revoked as well as the erstwhile country was made a union territory. The limitations of communicating were gradually relaxed in the future. In January, prepaid providers had been revived there.

Therefore, only the aforementioned three circles included over 25 lakh phone subscribers. But, there were groups such as Madhya Pradesh that registered a decrease of 3.48 lakh telephone connections. Bihar also observed a reduction of approximately 54,000 subscribers.

Internet Subscribers, Teledensity

Coming to the total number of Internet subscriptions, it climbed to 71.87 crores by December 2019. Among these, there were 69.6 crores wireless and 2.24 crore wired subscriptions.

The report said the teledensity in India stood at 88.74% with the Himachal Pradesh group enrolling the maximum teledensity in 149%. One of the metros, Delhi topped that graph with 237.3% teledensity.

The Share of the wireless section in the entire connections stood at 98.34%, in the end, Staying 1.66% were wirelines connections. Additionally, the talk of rural regions in the number of relations stood at 43.72% and 56.28% links were urban ones. Users can stay connected with the official website for the latest technology updates and news around the world.

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