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IBM Working on AI Suitcase to Help Visually Challenged People

IBM Working on AI (Artificial Intelligence): Tech giant IBM is developing a sample suitcase with Artificial Intelligence Technology to help guide visually challenged people. IBM partnered with the companies of Alps Alpine, Omron, Mitsubishi, and Shimizu in the smart suitcase.

According to the Japanese national newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, the AI suitcase will scan the user’s location and map data to identify the best route for them. It guides the visually challenged people through voice and haptic feedback, transmitting vibrations on the suitcase handle. The AI suitcase robot will alert the users of approaching people and places nearby, like cafes, bus stops, etc.

According to The Next Web reports, the AI suitcase will analyze data from video cameras and distance sensors to identify obstacles on the path of the visually challenged person.

IBM fellow Chieko Asakawa came up with this idea while she pushing her suitcase on a business trip. It’s impossible for visually challenged to walk around town alone freely and safely. She wanted to make that possible by the AI suitcase prototype.

IBM Working on AI Suitcase Model

In the design of the robot, IBM develops the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, Alps Alpine company works on the haptic technology, Omron company operates on image recognition and sensors design, Shimizu company works on the navigation system, and the Mitsubishi company is responsible for developing automotive technology. The companies believe that the AI Application model will help visually challenged to move around independently. Users can check here for more technology updates, IBM vacancies, and others.

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